At the Congregational Church of Northridge we strive to personalize your wedding ceremony with a service that is tailored to your relationship and your tastes. Our beautiful sanctuary, lush grounds and personalized ceremony will make your wedding day unique and remembered for a lifetime.LeserWedding_0052

Please call the church for prices and discussion of our full range of services (818) 349-2400.

Question: Do I have to be a member of your church?
: No. We will be honored to share in your wedding day even if you are not a member here. Our pastor will meet with you to get to know you and help plan your service.

Question: Do you conduct inter-faith weddings?
: We understand the covenant of marriage to be between the couple and God, and we respect that God can see beyond traditional religious boundaries.

Question:  What costs will I incur?
: We want to make you ceremony affordable because we don’t believe a couple should begin married life in debt. Prices vary depending on what will be involved in your ceremony, so call our offices to discuss your options.

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Lynn and Jennifer wedding