After days of massive protests in virtually every American city over the murder of George Floyd, our President continued stirring the poison of racism and social division while seeking cover from the Bible.

I was not surprised when Trump did his stunt of walking over to St. Johns Church – it is fully in character for a man with decades of history of racist actions who has an eye for a good photo op – but I am dismayed that prominent Christian leaders continue to support him.

Franklin Graham went so far as to thank the President. But how could ordering hundreds of police to violently clear away peaceful protestors so Trump could use a church as a backdrop while holding a prop Bible demonstrate anything about his commitments to God’s values?

If you were to write in one column all the things Jesus taught and modeled and in the next column list the same for Trump, they would be exact opposites. 

Yet many Conservative Evangelicals continue to bow down to Trump. It is no coincidence that more and more Americans are walking away from the church while shaking heads at the hypocrisy of the church.

Why would a sincere person of compassion seeking spiritual guidance ever turn to a church for help?