Sermons from 2015

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12-13-15 Merry Christmas, You Brood of Vipers

How does John’s fire-and-brimstone sermon mean good news this season? Pastor Roger explores the topic through an unlikely lens: gun violence.  The audio begins with Cindy Shumaker reading Luke 3:7-19 (Message translation)  

11-29-15 Promise or Warning


Advent 1, the “Sunday of Hope”, is traditionally devoted to apocalyptic messages …. what’s up with that? Roger explores why we begin our Advent preparation with Jesus’ apocalyptic message in Luke 21, and he addresses how Fundamentalist of all faiths … Continue reading

11-22-15 Gratitude


This was our annual Thanksgiving service – a special time when members of the congregation stand at the microphone to publicly share what they are grateful for. We do not post these personal comments on the web. Michael Barrett had prepared … Continue reading

10-25-15 I Want to See

Michael shares biblical insights and challenging personal questions from  Mark 10:46-52

10-18-15 Here We Go Again


Michael reads Mark 10:32-45, followed by Roger’s message. What may be causing the large exodus of young adults from the church?  The answer may not surprise you. Among young adults age 16 to 29, why do over 8 out of 10 … Continue reading