As a nation, we have lost the common vision that unites us as a nation, substituting rancor and polarization about what divides us.

As a Christian community, our various churches and denominations are also divided.

Some churches have fueled this division by being vocally anti-science and reactive to advances in social inclusiveness and justice.

As Progressive Christians, we have been slow to step into the void because we’ve been quick to assure ourselves that we are not like “those churches”, but unclear about who we are.

  • How has God spoken to us?
  • What is the Good News we have to share?
  • How are our commitments to justice, inclusiveness and peace-making rooted in the biblical tradition?

This six-week sermon series about the Statement of Faith of the United Church of Christ explores the biblical truths that unite all Christians – Evangelicals, Fundamentalists and Progressives.

And, how does our faith give practical guidance to our every day lives at work and in the family?

At the conclusion of this series on February 11, you will have the opportunity to ritually re-affirm you baptism and commitment to Jesus.