Join us after church on March 15 to see three of Techila Mockingbird’s recent short films.

Secretly, he’s just not that into food… Todd keeps his simple PB&J palate a secret from his new fierce-foodie girlfriend. The film stars Kerstin Porter and Robert Keller

Ralph attends a special dinner party, desperate to find the secret to making his life happy. He runs into the mysterious group leader Ellie, who isn’t willing to give it up…or not easily, at least. The film stars Daniel R. Murphy and Jace Taylor.

A recently deceased teenager, who’s chosen to stay as a ghost, experiences the aftermath and consequences of staying behind. The film stars Emily Schlachter, Michael Schilf, Esther Pidal, and radio personality Kyle Jellings.

 Float and I Spy A Foodie have been nominated at the Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema for:
Best Short
Best Original Score