Join us for a new Bible study.

Themes: How Jesus came to pick some very common, very ordinary people — people who were neither saints not scholars, evangelists nor engagers, powerful nor popular; yet after their encounter with Jesus, they proceeded to do extraordinary things. Jesus chose them not for what they were, but for what he saw them becoming. Each was chosen for a specific gift. Each gift has meaning for us as Jesus’ disciples. I want to focus on discussing those gifts and challenges they entail.
This would be a study that deals with each of the original 12 disciples (later Apostles minus one) and would begin with Judas Iscariot and conclude with Mathias (the 13th Apostle). It would be structured as a discussion class in which I provide background (from the gospels and from other sources about the specific disciple) and then pose discussion questions relative about the meaning of each:
Judas — the issue of betrayal.
Matthew — the issue of inclusiveness.
Phillip — the issue of doing the impossible.
Thaddeus — the importance of questioning.
Thomas — the importance of expressing doubt.